NBA Rumors – Atlanta Hawks & Milwaukee Bucks in Trade for Brandon Jennings & Jeff Teague

Brandon Jennings, Jeff Teague

The Atlanta Hawks want someone who can create points, while the Milwaukee Bucks, well, they’re just trying to piece together a reasonable team. On the table is the chance of both players re-signing with their current teams and then getting swapped via trade.

According to Marc Stein, the two teams are considering these moves at the moment, fearing they might lose both for nothing in free agency. With the Bucks already adding O.J. Mayo and Monta Ellis not returning, getting a point guard who is much more about spreading the ball than shooting himself (like Jennings and Ellis) is a priority.

Meanwhile, for the Hawks, they’re worried they don’t have players who can generate points in the backcourt, although a closer look at both players’ PER, Teague notched a 16.8 last season, while Jennings, shooting 39.9% from the field, finished with 16.1.

Teague, in any case, is going to be the cheaper player, although the Hawks have no problem taking in Jennings’ bigger contract. They’re both coming off their rookie deals, but Jennings is likely to be asking for more money, and in any case, even as a restricted free agent, he doesn’t want to re-sign with the Bucks, preferring to play in a bigger market kind of team. Atlanta is a bigger market than Milwaukee, although the Hawks don’t correspond directly with that comparison.

In any case, a move like this will probably push Monta Ellis to the Sacramento Kings. At the moment, the Hawks and the Kings seem to be the biggest players for Ellis, and Atlanta, with $9 million left in cap-space, can’t make moves for them both, nor they should. In a comparison between Ellis and Jennings, who are very similar players, Jennings has a bit more of an upside, although presents the same type of volume shooter who thinks about the pass third and fourth.

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