NBA Rumors – Boston Celtics Trying to Trade Gerald Wallace & Kris Humphries

Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries

While the Boston Celtics insist they’re planning on trying to make the playoffs next season, they’re also trying to move Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries, mostly due to the terrible contracts that go along with the two players.

Wallace is due to be paid $30.3 million for the next three seasons, while Humphries is in a bit of a more positive situation – he’s owed $12 million this coming season, but becomes a free agent afterwards.

Wallace will be turning 32 in just over a week, and with his athletic abilities taking a nosedive recently, it’s not likely that his terrible offensive numbers from last season (7.7 points, 39.7% from the field) are going to see a significant improvement. Without his power and explosiveness, Wallace is an average small forward, and maybe even less than that.

Humphries? As a backup power forward, he’s a great player to have, but he’s obviously overpaid, and doesn’t add much to a team besides rebounding, averaging 5.8 points per game last season and not helping too much when it comes to defense.

The Celtics are looking for anything – young players, draft picks, even a second round one. At the moment, it looks like these two deals are unmovable, especially Wallace, while Humphries might become a bit more tradeable once the deadline appears, and teams will be looking to shed some dead weight from their salary cap.

If Celtics fans needed any more proof that their GM is lying to them and the team is indeed on the ‘Rigging for Wiggins’ bandwagon, moving the two of the players they got from the Brooklyn Nets that sent away Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, or at least trying to is good enough as evidence.

With a roster that looks like one of the weakest in the NBA and even in the bad Eastern Conference, it seems that the Celtics are doing everything possible this offseason to put on a team that’s going to win as few games as possible.

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