NBA Rumors – Brooklyn Nets Want to Trade For Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett, Kris Humphries

It feels like everyone on the Boston Celtics is up for sale, and Kevin Garnett is no exception, although a bit harder to move because of his contract and his no-trade clause. Still, the Brooklyn Nets are very interested in seeing him choose them.

Danny Ainge is refusing to make any declarations regarding the future of both Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, knowing how the whole Doc Rivers situation went down. It’s only natural teams will start getting interested, as Garnett can no longer play for the Clippers (the NBA banning any future trades between the teams this season), and the Brooklyn Nets, looking to advance further than they have last season, don’t mind adding another veteran with a big contract to the team.

The problem for the Nets in getting the 15-time All-Star and someone who can potentially be a very vocal and much needed leader in the dressing room for the team is both Garnett’s no-trade clause which he’ll need to waive in order for the deal to work, and subsequently Garnett’s own desire to play for the Nets.

Is playing on a division rival something Garnett considers as being a traitor? Or when it’s him that leaves it’s OK, unlike Ray Allen a year ago to the Miami Heat? Some rumors suggest that Garnett would like to play next to Deron Williams, but none of that has been confirmed. The only sure thing is that Billy King has called up the Celtics, making it known that the Nets are interested in the player.

What are they offering in return? The Kris Humphries contract they’ve been trying to get rid of for quite some time. Garnett is due $25 million for the next couple of years, a deal that the Celtics, now that they’re hopes and dreams have been dashed year after year, are also considering finally dumping. Humphries makes $12 million next season, but he becomes a free agent after that, which will make him easier to move, or simply live with for a season.

How does this end? It’s a coin toss right now in Boston, with a GM that insists he didn’t see any of this coming, which might mean that everything good that happened to Boston over the last few years was simply Ainge catching a break with the Garnett trade, and riding that wave of success as long as possible without doing enough to make sure the team doesn’t fall apart like it has over the last 13 months.

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