NBA Rumors – Charlotte Bobcats Interested in Signing Seth Curry

Seth Curry

Going undrafted, any kind of interest or training camp invite means the world to Seth Curry, whose limitations and injury before the draft didn’t do him any good, and yet he still got an invitation to training camp from the Charlotte Bobcats, who might end up signing the exceptional shooter from Duke.

Curry enjoyed a strong senior season with Duke, averaging 17.5 points per game while shooting 43.8% from beyond the arc. Unlike his brother, there seems to be only one thing he brings to the table, and that is his outside shooting. The rest?

At 6’3 and with unimpressive length or athleticism, teams were worried about Curry’s ability to defend and keep up with other shooting guards in the league. He isn’t the ball handler or playmaker his older brother is, and teams were also worried about his ability to create his own shot.

Curry’s injury kept him out of the draft workouts and the Summer League, and that was probably the main reason he hasn’t gotten a shot at a team. However, as hard as it is to believe, playing for the Bobcats seems like his favorite option among all the rest. He will get to workout for them soon, and it’s unlikely he won’t get an invite to some training camp, and probably more than one.

Curry would benefit most from a team that doesn’t have plenty of shooters, and the Bobcats are one of those. They have guys who can get to the rim, and now they’ve added Al Jefferson who obliviously draws a lot of attention in the paint. That all makes for a pretty nice setting for Curry, not to mention Charlotte being his hometown.

Some think Curry is just as good as his brother, and was simply in the wrong system at Duke, forcing him to share the ball. Stephen Curry was the entire Davidson offense back in College, translating into better numbers. Is that actually the case? Probably not, but even with only a three point shot to carry him, in the right team and role Seth Curry definitely has a place in the NBA.

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