NBA Rumors – Charlotte Bobcats Trying to Trade Gerald Henderson

Gerald Henderson

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to understand what the Charlotte Bobcats are trying to do with some of their moves, demonstrating strange long-term thinking, which includes trying to get teams to get in on a trade for Gerald Henderson.

Henderson was never supposed to be a leading scorer on an NBA team, but the lack of talent on the Bobcats made him into one. From being a useful outside shooter and wing defender, he becomes a number one option on a very bad team, which has hurt his career and development, even though he has scored over 15 points per game over the last couple of seasons.

Henderson is a restricted free agent, with a $4.5 million qualifying offer on the table, and not a lot of options and interest on the open market. So the Bobcats, not getting anywhere during their talks with the player, are now trying to see if anyone is interested in a sign and trade for the player, which doesn’t make that much sense for both sides.

Henderson isn’t going to get a big money offer he’s obviously looking for through the sign & trade scenario, while the Bobcats aren’t going to get a meaningful piece through a trade for him. He isn’t going to get something substantially (and possibly at all) better than what the Bobcats have offered him, so the whole exchange and idea of shipping him off for a player that isn’t going to bring much of an impact doesn’t make much sense.

Playing on a better team might be Henderson’s reasoning – he would probably get more recognition playing next to better players than him, allowing him to get less attention from defenses and showcase his skill-set without being pressured into leading a team and failing, but if it’s money that he’s after, at this stage of free agency, the deal he’s getting from the Bobcats is probably the best thing he’s going to see.

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