NBA Rumors – Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Hawks, Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies & New Orleans Pelicans Interested in Trading For Luke Ridnour

Luke Ridnour

While point guard isn’t exactly a rare necessity in the NBA, there are plenty of teams who are stuck in a bad situation with their starter or backup. The Milwaukee Bucks are tanking, so this means Luke Ridnour is on the trading block, with the¬†Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Hawks, Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies & New Orleans Pelicans all thinking about making a move for the player.

Ridnour, into his 11th NBA season, has mostly been a backup this season, but has recently been downgraded to not even playing, despite not having any injury bothering him or keeping him from being on the floor. He’s averaging 4.9 points in 20 minutes per game, but he’s obviously capable of giving a lot more to anyone willing to give him some playing time and a bigger role.

The Bucks don’t want to win (which they aren’t right now, picking up only five through the first 25 games this season), so they’re focusing on developing their young players while guys like Ridnour are becoming trade-bait, either for young guys or draft picks.

No one is giving a first round for Ridnour – that’s out of the question, but with teams trying to make the playoffs or thinking even about doing more than that, there are options of making the most of bringing over a quality backup.

The Bulls are a mess, now with D.J. Augustin and Marquis Teague, but it seems like they might not have ended their attempts in improving their backcourt situation at point or shooting guard. Ridnour is making $4.3 million this season, which makes it difficult for them to move him. The Hawks are looking for someone a bit more experiences than Shelvin Mack to back up Jeff Teague, with Ridnour also capable of playing as shooting guard.

The Memphis Grizzlies are also in a bind with Mike Conley injured and no natural point guard to back him up; the Golden State Warriors do have Iguodala back from injury but probably regret letting go of Jarrett Jack, while the Pelicans want a bit more than what Brian Roberts, Austin Rivers and Anthony Morrow are giving them right now.

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