NBA Rumors – Chicago Bulls Firing Tom Thibodeau After Playoffs, No Matter What

Tom Thibodeau, Gar Forman

Unless Tom Thibodeau guides the Chicago Bulls to an NBA championship, it’s very likely to consider the team will fire him at the end of the postseason, which means he’ll be the most sought after head coach in the NBA during the turbulent times to follow.

Thibodeau and the Bulls’ front office, specifically John Paxson (executive vice president) and Gar Forman (general manager), haven’t been getting along for quite some time, but Thibodeau’s regular season success with the team despite the injuries have kept him on the job. But just like the situation unfolded for Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ers, there comes a point when relative success doesn’t cut it anymore, especially when there’s no love between the people involved.

But just like during the regular season when he’s asked about it, Thibodeau is deflecting questions about his future.

It’s all noise.¬†That’s why it’s so important, I think, to establish a routine. You stick to it no matter what. You do it each and every day, nothing should ever change. Put everything you have into getting ready to play and understanding what goes into winning. All that stuff’s a bunch of nonsense.

Despite the injuries to players, some think that Thibodeau pushing his players a bit too far during the regular season, being unable to spread the minutes well and also some issues with his offensive “expertise” put him on the hot seat, although with any other franchise, considering the circumstances, he probably wouldn’t be answering questions about job security. Thibodeau questioning some of the decisions made by the front office hasn’t helped.

He is signed through the 2016-2017 season, making over $4 million each season. Still, he’ll be mentioned in every rumor mill article and post regarding the three current vacancies among the NBA teams: Orlando Magic (who probably need the most help defensively), Denver Nuggets and the Oklahoma City Thunder, who fired Scott Brooks after seven seasons, most of them very successful, and suffering this season more than anyone because of injuries.

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