NBA Rumors – Chicago Bulls Interested in Signing Michael Beasley

Michael Beasley

The road to finding himself on an NBA team goes through training camp for Michael Beasley and if recent rumors are to be believed it might be the Chicago Bulls that give him that opportunity, maybe his last to make it on an NBA team.

The Bulls don’t have a lot to lose by bringing in Beasley to camp. He’s the kind of player they might be missing on the team. He can score on his own and won’t have a problem coming off the bench, giving the Bulls yet another scoring option on their improving offense. His defense isn’t what Tom Thibodeau usually likes, but there’s training camp to work on it and gain an impression.

Beasley came full circle last season by returning to the Miami Heat, his first NBA team. Back in 2008, he and Derrick Rose were the two first picks in the draft. Rose ended up going first to the Chicago Bulls, Beasley second to the Heat. It could have been different, and that would be a different set of closure for Beasley.

The Lakers gave Beasley a couple of workouts in the offseason, but it seems like the interest in him around the league is very low. It has nothing to do with his ability or production, but simply a perception about his behavior. Despite not actually doing anything that made any headlines last season with the Heat, the obvious disdain Erik Spoelstra and the coaching staff showed for him, especially in the playoffs, seems to have gotten a message across loud and clear.

Beasley averaged 7.9 points per game last season in only 15.1 minutes a night. Scoring has never been a problem for him, so the question is how to make him fit in without causing damage to the team. His defense and effort aren’t usually too pleasing, which might make it difficult for someone like Thibodeau to end up wanting Beasley for the long term.

Talent find its way towards a team. Beasley is young and is good enough to be a factor on any NBA team that signs him. In the end, he’ll be on some training camp roster with a chance to impress, but don’t be surprised to see him playing in Europe by the time the season begins. He’ll make more money there, and someone can only feel unwelcome by almost everyone so many times.

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