NBA Rumors – Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Clippers & Oklahoma City Thunder Might be Interested in Signing Al Harrington

Al Harrington

Now that Al Harrington is officially a free agents, it’s time to see the number of teams lining up to sign the veteran power forward, trying to put an injury-riddles season behind him, with the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder looking like suitable places.

Two things to remember about Harrington – He torn meniscus was the main reason for him playing only 10 games last season for the Orlando Magic. Before signing with them, he averaged 14.2 points per game for the Denver Nuggets in 2011-2012, being possibly shunned from winning the Sixth  Man of the Year award. Other than that, he doesn’t want to play on a team that’s not going to win anything.

Which brings us to the narrowing down part, and the teams we mentioned earlier. The Chicago Bulls are also interested in adding Antawn Jamison, which pretty much serves in the same role as Harrington – a power forward who can stretch the floor and provide some quick and efficient scoring off the bench. The Bulls need more shooters, and need more big men who can provide some points behind Noah and Boozer.

The Thunder? They have signed Ryan Gomes and Derek Fisher, but they’re still sorting out their roster, and there’s no doubt that they could improve the quality of the players they have backing up Perkins and Ibaka. Harrington might be slightly different than the kind of role they’re looking for in their next big man, but any kind of scoring off the bench will be welcome considering how limited they are once Durant and Westbrook are off the court.

The Clippers? They have shooting, plenty of it, but it doesn’t seem like they’ve ended their search to add more. Redick, Dudley, Reggie Bullock and others have been added to the roster built around Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, but with the team also showing interest in Antawn Jamison, there’s no doubt they’re considering the 33-year old Harrington as well.

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