NBA Rumors – Chicago Bulls or Houston Rockets Will Sign Marcus Camby

Marcus Camby 2013

While NBA champions the Miami Heat seem to be moving away from adding Marcus Camby to their squad, it seems like the Houston Rockets and the Chicago Bulls haven’t faded in their interest to sign the player, and the veteran NBA big-man will eventually land with one of the two teams.

Camby has already passed a physical with the Rockets, and his short stint with them in the 2011-2012 season might mean he has a better chance of ending up in the Western Conference than with the Bulls, although eventually, it comes down to two things: How much Camby feels he’s wanted by both teams, and where are his better chances of winning.

Playing time? He’ll likely get a similar dose from both teams. He spent 10.4 minutes a night on the floor for the New York Knicks last season, and he’s not likely to get a lot more minutes from either team.

But why not the Heat? Camby wants to contend for an NBA championship, and no team, potentially, brings that opportunity better than the Heat. But Miami are chasing Greg Oden, and they don’t need both Oden and Camby, even if the financial implications are negligible. Only if Oden chooses someone else (Spurs?), and Camby is still available, will that option be brought to the table once again.

The Houston Rockets aren’t exactly flowing with big men, at least not in quantity. They do have Dwight Howard and Omer Asik at center, but they’re a little thin at the power forward position, especially when it comes to more traditional, “big man” type 4’s.

For the Bulls, they could use some help coming off the bench in both positions, with Nazr Mohammed and Taj Gibson backing up Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer, while Erik Murphy can help at the power forward position, but he’s more of a stretch 4, while Camby brings the more “old-fashioned” traits of rebounding and defense.

For now, it doesn’t seem like any team has a significant edge, but going by Mike Miller’s decision to re-join a team he used to play for five years ago, Camby might be slightly leaning towards the Rockets at this point.

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