NBA Rumors – Cleveland Cavaliers Closest to Signing Ray Allen

Ray Allen

Retiring seems less and less ideal for Ray Allen, who, if rumors are true, is closer than ever to staying in the NBA for a 19th season, probably with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Boston Globe is the latest of the major media outlest to report that Allen will be joining forces, most likely, with LeBron James next season in an attempt to retire with more than two championship rings on his fingers, although he has been in contact with plenty of other teams, including the Miami Heat where he has spent two seasons, winning one title.

Allen won’t be the only one formerly of the Miami Heat to join the Cavs if he does actually sign a deal with them. Both Mike Miller (who played last season for the Memphis Grizzlies) and James Jones, also with Miami in recent years, have answered to the call of the LeBron and have chosen the Cavs as their team for next season, and maybe their last stop in general in what seems to be the twilight of their NBA careers.

That’s even more true for Allen, one of the oldest players in the league, who began his career in 1996 and has played for the Milwaukee Bucks, Seattle Supersonics, Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat over the last 18 seasons. He has been a sixth man over the last two seasons in Miami, averaging 9.6 points while shooting just under 40% from beyond the arc last season.

He played more minutes last season than during his first one with the Heat and even started nine times due to Dwyane Wade being rested so often. It was clear there was some sort of decline in his form and shooting, but not to such an extreme that would make him seem redundant in the NBA landscape. Maybe less minutes and a more restricted role, but Allen’s shooting, experience and in-game intelligence still make up for all of the ailments old age has brought him, and he’s going to be a vital asset for any team that signs him.

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