NBA Rumors – Cleveland Cavaliers & Ray Allen Almost a Done Deal

Ray Allen

Maybe there is still some indecision going on in the mind of Ray Allen about whether or not he wants to still play in the NBA, but he’s getting closer to making his final decision, which will probably be staying on for another season and joining the Cleveland Cavaliers, next to a few familiar faces.

Allen, 39, has been in the NBA since 1996. If he doesn’t announce his retirement, which seems to be less and less likely, he’ll be entering his 19th NBA season, and odds are that thanks to LeBron James returning to Cleveland and also being the driving force behind the trade that will land them Kevin Love eventually, Allen has also made up his mind.

Allen hasn’t been mentioned in connection to other teams except for the Cavaliers and the Miami Heat, who he played for over the last two seasons. Allen is a two-time champion thanks to his decision to join the Heat, knocking down that huge shot in game 6 of the 2013 NBA finals, and helping them make the finals last season as well. A 10-time All-Star, he isn’t going to choose anyone that doesn’t seem like a title contender. The Heat aren’t in his plans.

So while almost any contender would love to add his shooting ability and experience (not so much his non-existent defense) for a minimum contract, Allen and the Cavaliers seem to be a match in the making. The same thing worked in the team’s favor when it came to Mike Miller, joining LeBron James once again, and also James Jones, although I’m not sure how much demand he would have had from other teams.

Not a done deal yet, but close to it according to sources, whoever those may be. For now, it seems like LeBron James has created a younger, probably better big three, with a supporting cast that’s as talented if not more than the one he had in Miami, with even a few similar faces.

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