NBA Rumors – Detroit Pistons Interested in Re-Signing Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson

Doing very well for the Detroit Pistons, Reggie Jackson is approaching free agency as a restricted free agent. As of now, it seems quite likely he’ll stay with the team.

He’s averaging 17.5 points per game for the Pistons, including over 24.8 over the last five games, four of them wins. That might be a little bit misleading because of this being pretty much a contract year and period, but Jackson has shown in Oklahoma City that he has the talent to put up points and quickly.

The Thunder traded Jackson because they knew he wasn’t going to stay for cheap, and preferred getting something out of it by letting him go. The Pistons have the money to re-sign him, even if he gets a big offer sheet from another team that they’ll have to match, but it depends on other things as well.

Greg Monroe – re-sign or going somewhere else? A lot has to do with Draymond Green. Many think that the Warriors’ small forward, a former Michigan State player and grew up in Saginaw, about 100 miles from Detroit, is a premier target for the Pistons this summer. Monroe and Green probably come first.

Last summer the Pistons signed Monroe to a one-year qualifying offer because he and his agent were played hard ball, just like the Pistons were. Things might get ugly with Jackson as well, but it’s probably too soon to tell. The Pistons would like to keep him around, but not at any price, and we just might see him prefer to sign the qualifying offer when it’s all said and done, considering the big influx of money that will drastically change the salary cap in 2016.

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