NBA Rumors – Celtics, Bucks Interested in Ray Allen

Ray Allen

It’s been two full seasons of Ray Allen sitting on the sidelines, outside of the NBA, but not officially retired, perhaps waiting to come back, and for the right situation to present itself. Two teams he’s been in contact with recently are the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks.

Allen played for both teams: He was a rookie on the Bucks and played there from 1996 until he was traded to the Seattle Supersonics in 2003. He joined the Boston Celtics in 2007, winning one championship there and losing in an NBA finals, leaving them in 2012 to the Miami Heat. He has been having conversations with both of the above mentioned teams recently, maybe finally feeling he has the right window to make his return.

I would love going back to those places if it worked out because both teams are good, too. It doesn’t necessarily have to be championship-or-bust for me to go back to the NBA. I want to be in a situation where I thought I could help, play a little bit and help where they have good young talent. My decision is predicated on what is available. I said that I was interested because I never retired for a reason. I’ve been watching, seeing what teams have been doing and I’ve been waiting to see if the opportunity presented itself where I think I could fit.

What is the right situation? Not exactly clear, but it seems title hopes aren’t the only thing motivation Allen, who has been linked with the Heat, Los Angeles Clippers, Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs since his last NBA game, his name popping up every once in awhile as someone who could intrigue teams.

The NBA’s all-time leader in 3-pointers averaged 9.6 points while shooting 37.5% from beyond the arc in his final season (2013-2014), making the NBA finals with the Heat, losing to the Spurs in the series. He is a 10-time All-Star with two All-NBA team mentions. He averaged 18.9 points per game in his career, making 40% of his three-pointers, playing in 1300 regular season games.

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