NBA Rumors – Warriors, Cavaliers, Spurs & Clippers Comeback Options for Ray Allen

Ray Allen

It’s been two full seasons since Ray Allen last played an NBA game. Among the dwindling lines of the remaining free agents, his name keeps popping up as someone who might be interested in returning. If it’ll happen, the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Clippers and San Antonio Spurs are probably on his final shortlist.

Allen, a future hall of famer with 18 NBA seasons, two NBA titles and 10 All-Star game appearances on his résumé, along with making more three-pointers than any other players in NBA history, has been staying in shape, according to reports, as if he knows something others don’t. Since he retired without actually announcing it, he’s been connected to a small number of teams, during the offseason and the regular season.

LeBron James, who helped recruit Allen when he joined the Heat in 2012, has tried adding him to the Cavs a number of times. The Miami Heat, no longer in the picture, have been mentioned more than once, mostly during the 2014-2015 season. Last year the Spurs seemed to be strong in the picture of bringing him back, and Doc Rivers, unlike Kevin Garnett and other former Boston Celtics players, doesn’t hold a grudge and would love to have Allen on the team he can’t seem to upgrade.

But now that the Warriors seem to be a drawing point for every veteran willing to take the minimum (David West, while Zaza Pachulia took a big pay cut to join) as the prospect of winning an NBA championship looks better than ever, Allen might try and sell his trade there. No one is confirming actual contact between Allen and any of the NBA teams, but it’s not surprising if negotiations have already begun.

Two teams we know Allen won’t play for? The Boston Celtics (why piss off the fans?) and the Chicago Bulls, where Rajon Rondo is going to play next season. Rondo reportedly played a very big part in Allen’s decision to leave the Celtics for the Miami Heat in 2012. Allen will be 41 in two weeks. He averaged 18.9 points through 1300 career games.

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