NBA Rumors – Golden State Warriors Trading Andrew Bogut; Making Room for Kevin Durant


The big domino has fallen: The Golden State Warriors have signed Kevin Durant, which means they’ll have to make cap room. They’ll begin doing it with Andrew Bogut.

Minutes before Durant revealed his decision via the crashing Players Tribune website, Bogut removed any sign of the Warriors on his Twitter page. Some thought it was about the Australian national team, but people reading into it guessed right. Bogut was always going to be the expendable one with Durant coming, because of his salary, his injuries and the problems he presents to the team during the NBA playoffs, not fitting with small ball style.

There are already three teams, maybe more, who want a piece of the veteran center, a former #1 overall pick, due to make $11 million next season. One of the teams are the Mavericks, with enough cap space and a huge need for center, even one that mostly offers defense like Bogut. This also means the Warriors won’t match the Mavericks offer on Harrison Barnes, a four-year, $95 million offer sheet he signed this week.

Bogut has been with the Warriors for the past four seasons, making the finals with them twice, winning one championship. He’s averaged 6.3 points, 8.3 rebounds and 1.7 blocks per game in the four years, and has done slightly worse in the playoffs.

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