NBA Rumors – Houston Rockets, Charlotte Hornets & Atlanta Hawks Interested in Signing Carlos Boozer

Carlos Boozer

As a free agent who won’t be looking to make a lot of money, Carlos Boozer is going to get interest from at least half the NBA. However, currently on waiver process, it’s about who bids the most, and it seems like the Houston Rockets, Charlotte Hornets and the Atlanta Hawks could make a move before he becomes an unattached, completely free agent.

Boozer had one more year left on his contract with the Chicago Bulls worth $16.8 million, but the amnesty clause was used. Boozer needs to clear waivers before he becomes a free agents, but there’s also the option of a team with enough cap space making a bid for him. The Chicago Bulls would prefer that situation, because it means they don’t have to pay him 100% of his salary.

The Hornets, for example, have around $6.4 million left even after signing Lance Stephenson. The Atlanta Hawks have enough to spend as well, while the Houston Rockets, in need of a power forward although probably not the kind Boozer is can also spend quite a lot on a player who averaged 13.7 points and 8.3 rebounds last season for the Bulls in 28.2 minutes a night, meaning he still has plenty to contribute.

At $16.8 million a year, Boozer is grossly overpaid and a salary cap problem. If he’s getting half that money or even less, he’s suddenly a very efficient player, maybe even a steal, depending on how teams choose to use him. The Hornets need a power forward after losing Josh McRoberts to free agency, while the Atlanta Hawks would like another big man to add to their impressive frontcourt, assuming Al Horford is healthy enough to play.

The Chicago Bulls? They’re quite happy to go on without Boozer, waiting to see how the addition of Pau Gasol and Nikola Mirotic to Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah works out next season. The Rockets have Terrence Jones as their starting power forward, but their bench is almost empty of talent, and that might be their plan for Boozer, who can also play as a center in smaller lineups.

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