NBA Rumors – Indiana Pacers Bringing Back Paul George Sooner Than Expected

Paul George

The Paul George “comeback” saga keeps bringing us new twists and turns, with the latest one suggesting the Indiana Pacers are bringing him back in a matter of days.

So what has changed? It seems George is eager to return and there isn’t a doctor or medical problem holding him back. His recovery was always ahead of schedule, but recently comments were made about George probably waiting until next season to return.

So what now? George is training and practicing full contact with everyone, but still seems to be favoring his leg a bit while running. He’s been in training for almost a month, but it seems he has a way to go before being at 100% in all aspects.

George himself has made comments about being afraid to ruin the chemistry that’s been developed while he’s been away.The Pacers aren’t exactly a playoff lock, but they’re doing a lot better than expected after George went down and Stephenson chose to leave in free agency.

The Pacers have lost three in a row and will play against playoff teams in seven of their next eight games. Obviously, they need some help, but it’s not quite clear if George is healthy enough to give them some.

Max contract or no, George shouldn’t put his career at risk just so the Pacers can make the playoffs. If the role they have planned for him is a small one, it’s worth considering, but that is only in case he’s cleared to play. George doesn’t look like someone completely ready to return to NBA basketball, especially not with expectations to bring his team somewhere right away.

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