NBA Rumors – New Orleans Pelicans Hoping Jrue Holiday’s Injuries Are Behind Him

Jrue Holiday

Over the last two seasons, Jrue Holiday has played in just 74 games for the New Orleans Pelicans, but the team is confident that his injury-filled days are behind him, although they’re not taking any chances.

According to the team’s new head coach, Alvin Gentry, they’re going to be taking it easy with Holiday, who has averaged 14.6 points and 7.3 assists when healthy for the Pelicans. He came back late last season to play in the playoffs against the Warriors, taking part in three games, averaging just 6.3 points in 18.3 minutes. The Pelicans ¬†made the playoffs without him (mostly) but got swept in the first round series against the Warriors.

At his best and without injury problems, Holiday is a big problem for defenses with his speed and scoring ability. He averaged 17.7 points per game on his final season with the 76ers, making the All-Star game for the first and last time (as of now).

Holiday has two more years left on his deal worth a combined $21.8 million, which is an excellent price for a guy of his abilities, although the amount of game he has missed have obviously hurt the value of his contract for the Pelicans. Staying healthy going forward is a key in the Pelicans plans to continue and build around Anthony Davis, becoming a force to be reckoned with in the West.

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