NBA Rumors – Los Angeles Clippers Closest to Signing Antawn Jamison

Antawn Jamison Lakers

The Chicago Bulls and even the Charlotte Bobcats, surprisingly, are in the picture to sign Antawn Jamison, but there’s a good chance that the Los Angeles Clippers, and not because of the dinner meeting between Doc Rivers and the player, are the first in line to sign the veteran free agent.

First of all, after Jamison declared he wants to play for a team that wins, it’s weird seeing the Bobcats’ name on the list. But Jamison played for North Carolina, and has a home in the area. At his age, playing close to your home suddenly becomes an important preference that doesn’t usually factor in earlier in a career.

The Chicago Bulls could really use a forward like Jamison who can stretch the floor, but there’s a problem with his defense. Tom Thibodeau doesn’t like players, even guys on the bench, that can’t be a serious part of the defensive effort. Jamison might be able to put up a lot of points on the board, even in a very limited time. But his weakness on defense, as the Bulls are about having a squad without a weakness when it comes to that factor, might cost him a job with a legitimate contender in the East.

So the Clippers, who already have quite the deep squad, look like the number one candidate to pick him up. Jamison averaged 9.4 points and 4.8 rebounds per game for the Lakers last season, but was unhappy with his playing time and role on the floor with the team, not to mention suddenly not being involved in a chase for a title ring, but chasing a playoff spot they barely got in the end.

Recently turned 37, Jamison knows he doesn’t have much to offer but scoring, and not so much of it as in the past. The Clippers, who can live with a defensive liability at the end of their bench if it comes with the kind of scoring Jamison can bring on 15 minutes a night, seem like the best option for him as well.

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