NBA Rumors – Los Angeles Clippers & Golden State Warriors Interested in Signing Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett

This is the season of the buyout, and the Brooklyn Nets are trying to get rid of Kevin Garnett, or is he trying to worm his way out of his contract? Either way, once he become available, the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors are tabbed as the premier candidates to sign him off the waivers.

Garnett is in what many feel is his final NBA season. He is making $12 million for producing 6.9 points, 7 rebounds and a lot of grumpy & old faces while trying to figure out why no one is scared of him anymore. You might not believe it, but that’s not the worst contract someone on the Brooklyn Nets have. Not in a world with Deron Williams and Joe Johnson choking up almost the entire salary cap on their own.

The Nets are trying to get rid of everything they have. Trades seem to be out of the question: No one wants Williams and Johnson with their current deals. Even Brook Lopez seems to be too difficult to move. Garnett? No one is going to touch him because it means moving pieces of value for him, and the Nets don’t want any deals with some long-term consequences to them. A buyout seems to be the most logical exit plan for everyone here.

Some are suggesting the Charlotte Hornets or the Toronto Raptors as options, because they have the expiring deals worth Garnett’s salary, something the Warriors can’t do, nor can the Clippers. But the Hornets aren’t going to contend for any championship, and the Raptors seem to be drifting more and more from being considered serious contenders in the East. Maneuvering his way towards a buyout means more options, and the possibility of getting picked up by a team that can go all the way, even without him.

With all of the jokes about Garnett we told earlier on, he can be very useful off the bench in a limited role. He’s still an excellent rebounder, his defense isn’t too bad as long as you don’t expect him to clog the paint on his own and he has the experience and leadership skills every team wants in its dressing room. Beyond that? It’s a matter of economics between him and the Nets. If that can be worked out, we’re going to see a lot of teams chasing a future hall of fame inductee riding his last drops of gas in the tank towards hopefully another title run.

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