NBA Rumors – Los Angeles Clippers Interested in Trade for Tony Wroten

Tony Wroten

The Los Angeles Clippers are doing well, but not as good as they want to be, a little bit behind the main contenders in the West. Constantly looking for ways to upgrade, maybe Tony Wroten of the Philadelphia 76ers in the answer.

Tony Wroten is leading the 76ers in scoring, the youngest player in the league to lead his team in points with 17.2 a night. But is the shooting guard actually this good at 21, or it this a case of someone shining through default, and is only doing so well because of him being on a team without a lot of offensive options? Evan Turner, another former Sixers players, is a very good example, putting up excellent numbers (17.4 points a game) before a trade to the Pacers. In Indiana he scored just 7.1 points a game and isn’t much better this season in Boston, scoring 9.1 a game.

The Clippers have Jamal Crawford and Jordan Farmar coming off the bench. Wroten isn’t a necessity, but more of a luxury. His contract worth $1.2 million this season and $2.1 million in the next before becoming a restricted free agent. He’s not exactly helping the Clippers cap situation, bu they don’t mind paying the luxury tax, and Doc Rivers seems to be favoring having a deep bench then thinking about future financial flexibility.

So does this happen? Depends on whether or not the 76ers think Wroten has a future next to Michael Carter-Williams in their backcourt or is he yet another expendable player. Jared Cunningham has already been dealt from the Clippers to the Sixers, so if Wroten is so intriguing in the eyes of the Clippers, why wasn’t he included?

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