NBA Rumors – Los Angeles Clippers or New York Knicks Will Sign Metta World Peace

Metta World Peace 2013

It doesn’t seem like Metta World Peace is too sure about what he wants to do after being amnestied by the Los Angeles Lakers, but if he’ll actually remain in the NBA, it’ll be only with the Los Angeles Clippers. Or the New York Knicks.

World Peace seemed surprised by the decision the Lakers made (which doesn’t seem like the smartest in the world considering it’s only one season they’re taking care of, with luxury tax not being that big of a problem for them due to their huge local TV deals).

A few more seasons in the NBA? China? Football? Retirement? It’s hard to believe Metta World Peace, and all of this seems like a way to tell non-contending teams with cap space to stay away from him. Anyone who signs him needs only to give him the $1.4 million in veteran’s minimum, with the Lakers making up the rest. But World Peace doesn’t want to play for any of the teams who don’t have a chance of playing for something, which is why he’s using the China-Arena Football-or Coaching threats.

Retiring means giving up the $7.7 million he’s owed next season, and that’s not something simple to do. According to USA Today, what he really wants to do is stay in Los Angeles, but only to play for a team with a much better shot than the Lakers at doing something in the West next season, possibly even contend for the NBA title.

The New York Knicks are also an option, but World Peace would prefer staying in Los Angeles, not to mention the Clippers simply looking like a better team at the moment. The Knicks have Anthony, Bargnani, Smith and Amare Stoudemire, but it doesn’t feel like they can make a dent in the East with the Heat, Pacers and probably the Bulls as well claiming the top spot, not to mention the Nets and their old yet talented lineup.

How about the West? The Clippers aren’t perfect, but they offer a relatively young team, pretty much in its prime, especially their number one player, which will give a chance for World Peace to play substantial minutes. The Thunder have declined (no third scoring option anymore), while the Spurs will be older by a year. The rest? The Grizzlies, the Warriors the Rockets. All thinking big, but the Clippers are probably in a spot as good to make a run for the conference crown, which suits World Peace just fine.

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