NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Want to Re-Sign Nick Young But on Their Terms

Nick Young

Kobe Bryant may not be very happy about it, but the Los Angeles Lakers are headed towards another transitional season. Nick Young has a player option which he will decline. He wants to stay and the team wants to keep him, but the number of years on the deal seems to be the issue that might cause some problems.

Nick Young had a good season, his best so far as an NBA player, at least statistically. He averaged 17.9 points per game, usually coming off the bench, and in a season that didn’t give fans too much to smile about, Young was definitely something of a fan favorite. He played on a one-year contract worth $1.1 million. For those who think that teams should beware the contract-year contributions, than Young might be a perfect example of that.

The Lakers have cap space to make some plays now, especially if Carmelo Anthony and even LeBron James suddenly become available. However, it seems the front office might be more interested in clearing even more cap space by the time the 2015 summer comes around. Kobe Bryant will be on his second year of the $48 million contract he received, but the plan is to keep him alone on the team, which means handing out one-year deals to players.

Young vs the World

Bryant isn’t happy about the Lakers not contending. In his mind, him being on a team makes it a championship contender, even if that’s arrogant, delusional thinking, one has to appreciate his faith and passion. However, the Lakers might find it difficult to give Young more than just one season. He has an option worth $1.2 million for next year, but he’s going to decline it.

Just more years. I believe I deserve more. The Lakers are home, but things could happen. With free agency this year, it’s going to be crazy. I’m willing to give them a discount, but depends how much the discount is. I feel comfortable in L.A. But I can’t keep taking these discounts. I need a raise a little bit. But if it’s for the right cost, they’re bringing in players and I fit into the rotation, then I’ll probably take a pay cut.

Young will find someone to give him a multi-year deal. Maybe the Lakers will budge in the end, realizing they’re not the free agent magnet they once were. Playing with an old yet still selfish Kobe Bryant and a head coach that might be just a lame duck until something better comes along doesn’t sound too enticing, especially if one-year deals are all that they’re going to be offering.

Two things to consider about Young when you’re trying to decide if giving him a big contract is worth it: The Lakers played in a system that bloated some numbers for players. Kendall Marshall looked like an all-star point guard at times, or at least his numbers did. Nick Young is coming off a contract year, and we all know how deceiving those can be.

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