NBA Rumors – Miami Heat, Utah Jazz & Memphis Grizzlies Interested in Signing Mo Williams

Mo Williams Jazz

When free agency began, Mo Williams was pretty sure he’ll get to be a starting point guard by the end of it, but for now, that isn’t happening, leaving him with three options. One of them is returning to the Utah Jazz and possibly being a starter, and the other two are joining either the Miami Heat or the Memphis Grizzlies as a backup.

Williams missed half of last season, averaging 12.9 points and 6.2 assist per game, starting all 46 games for the Jazz, but with them taking Trey Burke for their first round draft pick and starting point guard of the future, Williams is convinced he doesn’t have much of a chance ot being their number one player at the position.

However, any other options he has left around the NBA simply don’t offer him the kind minutes and importance in role that he’s looking for. So it’s about settling for what’s out there, which isn’t a lot, and doesn’t offer too much money except for the Mid-Level exception teams can use on him.

At the moment, the only interest he’s getting is from the Miami Heat and the Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizzlies have Mike Conley as their starter, but Williams should become his primary backup or a player who can play next to him when the Grizzlies are going for a more offensive oriented lineup, with Bayless on the bench not being someone the Grizzlies are completely trusting as their backup after last season.

The Miami Heat might be the team showing the most interest in him, but the point guard position might be an issue for Williams. Mario Chalmers is the starting point guard and is backed up by Norris Cole. Williams might have the edge over both of them on the offensive end, but he can’t defend like them, which minutes a limited amount of minutes for him on the floor, maybe along the lines of what Mike Miller got from them last season.

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