NBA Rumors – Miami Heat Won’t be Bringing Back Michael Beasley

Michael Beasley

The Miami Heat expected more from Michael Beasley on his return season to the franchise. Whether or not he was not used enough or correctly is another matter, but the bottom line seems to be that he won’t be returning for another season with the team.

Some sources claim¬†that it’s less about what the front office feels about Beasley, and more about LeBron James thinks. Is James disappointed with the lack of focus, effort and seriousness showed by the six-year veteran? It might be simply a rumor, but from how little Beasley played in the playoffs (only garbage time minutes), it doesn’t seem like Erik Spoelstra was really counting on him as well.

His per minute numbers were fine during the regular season. In 55 games with the team, Beasley averaged 7.9 points and 3.1 rebounds per game. Despite being a minimum contract player, Beasley was clearly capable of doing more, and might be the only other player besides LeBron James on the current Heat roster who can put the ball on the floor and take it to the basket against any defense. Dwyane Wade could, but it doesn’t happen very often, especially not against elite defense.


Will Beasley have a team that’s willing to take him? If it was just about ability, for sure. He is a good scorer and rebounder, regardless of the role he’s given. There weren’t any behavior problems that we know of from this past season. Still, teams view him as a risk, so the best we’re looking at for him is a minimum deal for one year, maybe with an option for another season with a slight pay raise.

The talent Beasley has should command more demand from the other NBA teams, but his reputation isn’t really helping. The Heat didn’t seem to mind that reputation when they brought him along as a signing that turned out to be not important in the long run. His offense was fine, but he never fit in defensively, or didn’t get the right time with the right lineups to make that adaptations.

When Beasley came out of college, there was a serious debate on whether to draft him or Derrick Rose with the number one overall pick. The Chicago Bulls went with Rose, and didn’t regret it until the injuries became a serious issue. Beasley never really took off in Miami, Minnesota or Phoenix, but he was never really bad. Simply disappointing, although things could have been much worse. If his personal issues are truly a thing of the past, Beasley is a cheap and very good offensive pickup for any team to make.

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