NBA Rumors – Milwaukee Bucks Interested in Signing Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez of the Brooklyn Nets
Brook Lopez of the Brooklyn Nets

It might not make a lot of financial sense for Brook Lopez to opt out of the last year of his contract with the Brooklyn Nets, but the Milwaukee Bucks are kinda hoping he does.

Lopez is going to make $16.7 million next season if he picks up his player option. However, unlike a lot of other players who have tough decision to make regarding their next deal because of the huge 2016 salary cap raise (although we might have a strike anyway), Lopez is in a bit of a risky spot.

Sure, he’s a talented big man with some proven seasons of excellent offensive basketball, averaging 19.1 points per game for the Nets excluding his rookie season. However, he isn’t a very good defender or rebounder, and his proneness to injury (has had two almost full-season injuries over the last four seasons) make him a liability, or at least at risk of losing it all.

That’s why opting out and signing a long term deal with the Bucks, even if it means missing out on potentially more money should he stay healthy leading up to the 2016 offseason, might be the best decision for him.

The Bucks need inside scoring like the deserts need the rain. They have a very talented group of wing players and guards, but the interior, something Jason Kidd would like to improve, could use an improvement in the form of Lopez, who is also on very good terms with Kidd, who was his head coach for one season, although Lopez didn’t play much for him, missing most of it.

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