NBA Rumors – Milwaukee Bucks Might Start Kendall Marshall

Kendall Marshall

By signing Kendall Marshall, the Milwaukee Bucks find themselves with a much improved point guard situation compared to last season, and even putting themselves in a situation with more than option regarding the one who’ll start, as the position won’t automatically go to Brandon Knight.

The Los Angeles Lakers were probably hoping to pick up Kendall Marshall after he cleared waivers, but the Milwaukee Bucks ruined their plans. Not that the Lakers have too many problems when it comes to point guards, especially if the talk about Eric Bledsoe joining the team are true.

Marshall put up some very nice numbers last season, but it was under the Mike D’Antoni system so it doesn’t necessarily mean he is that great at distributing the ball. However, those following him since his days at Bishop O’Connel high school in Virginia and later during his two years with North Carolina will tell you that no matter the system or the players around him, he has always been a fantastic passer.

Marshall averaged 8 points and 8.8 assists per game in 29 minutes a night for the Lakers. A 13th overall pick in 2012 by the Suns, Marshall needed a bit of time before adjusting to the NBA. He still has problems when it comes to scoring, shooting just over 40% from the field, but this league might be heading in the direction of distributing point guards, while the specialty of the scoring ones is becoming less attractive.

Especially when it comes to adding points from the bench. Marshall isn’t the kind of player who can bring quick points when coming in during the game. Brandon Knight averaged 17.9 points per game for the Bucks, with his rise in points being more than just a matter of more shots and minutes. He shot a bit better from the field, and overall looked better than he did for the Pistons during his first two years in the league.

Knight is the favorite to start right now, but Jason Kidd might be thinking a little bit differently. He might also use lineups that include two point guards, although he probably needs someone like Shaun Livingston, with defense, length and height to make that conept work. Nate Wolters, who is the best defender of the three, is probably the bigger loser due to this addition.

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