NBA Rumors – Minnesota Timberwolves to Golden State Warriors Trade Not Happening for Kevin Love

Kevin Love

Not long ago it looked like the Golden State Warriors had the best possible package to offer the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love. However, Klay Thompson being included is a source of debate and there doesn’t seem to be anyone too happy about getting Kevin Martin back in the trade as well, which means right now the deal is dead, although it can quite quickly be revived if the offers are changed.

It’s not quite clear what exactly is the package the Warriors are willing to send. One source suggests that they are willing to part from David Lee and Harrison Barnes while taking the risk of Love staying on for just one year, feeling confident enough that one season with the Warriors will be enough for him to sign a new long term deal in 2015 instead of becoming a free agent that goes somewhere else.

The Timberwolves, as we’ve mentioned, aren’t that keen on trading Love. It could very well be that Flip Saunders is trying to push for impossible deals so he can go to Love and say that he did his best but there just isn’t something good enough for him out there. Maybe the Timberwolves are willing to take a shot on Love changing his mind and becoming once again enamored, if he ever actually was, with the process in Minnesota.

Thompson, Lee, Meme

What do the Timberwolves want? They want David Lee and Klay Thompson, maybe also a draft pick, but one important thing for them is sending Kevin Martin away. The Warriors aren’t very happy to get a player who has three years and $22.2 million left on his contract. He’s older than Thompson, a worse defender and less varied than him offensively. In short, he’s simply a cap space clog, not a consolation prize or bonus to go along with Love.

Another source suggests that Jerry West, a special consultant to the Warriors’ front office and head coach Steve Kerr are adamant that Thompson, a 24 year old shooting guard who is also a very good perimiter defender that goes along with his exceptional shooting, isn’t included in the deal. David Lee? They’d be happy to lose. Harrison Barnes? They’re willing to bite their lips and take it. But Thompson as well, or instead of Barnes? It seems too much for some voices in the decision making process for the Warriors.

Right now there’s no deal, but things seemed stuck when the Warriors added Andre Iguodala via a trade last year. Things change quickly in the NBA, and so this stall by the Timberwolves and Warriors can change. The Denver Nuggets are pursuing Love with two players and a draft pick. The Boston Celtics are chasing him with two picks and another player – veteran or youngster. If those deals suddenly seem to be coming closer to being agreed upon, the Warriors might be changing their minds about who and what they’re willing to trade.

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