NBA Rumors – New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Clippers, Brooklyn Nets & Atlanta Hawks Interested in Signing Marcus Camby

Marcus Camby

This season was supposed to be another attempt by Marcus Camby to have a go at an NBA title, but he was waived early on because of an injury. Now it seems he’ll be ready to play in just about a month, which gives the New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Clippers, Brooklyn Nets & Atlanta Hawks an incentive to sign him.

Camby began the season with the Houston Rockets but was released because he needed surgery to repair the torn plantar fascia in his foot. His rehab is going well, or as much as it can be for a 39 year old on the verge of turning 40 (March 22). He should be able to play next month according to Shams Charania of

His return to the playing field means that teams looking for some backup help in the frontcourt will be very interested, while Camby, who last season played for the New York Knicks, is likely to pick a team with not just playoff chances but also hopes of winning an NBA championship.

Of the team that have that kind of aspiration and chance, only the West offers options. The Houston Rockets do have Omer Asik coming back which means there’s an actual backup to Dwight Howard, but he’s still a trade option, not to mention someone without too much motivation to succeed. Camby can’t give Houston what Asik can, but he might be some sort of insurance.

One team that might make more use of him are the San Antonio Spurs, with Tiago Splitter injured, and the same goes for Boris Diaw. The Spurs are very thing in the current situation behind Tim Duncan, and although Camby won’t be getting too many minutes, he wil be some sort of help. The same goes for the Clippers who might have a great starting frontcourt, but not much to cover for them.

The Eastern teams do want to make the playoffs, but a championship? The Heat and Pacers are in the way. The Chicago Bulls have Taj Gibson coming off the bench for Noah and Boozer, with Mohamed not being an option they’re too fond of. The Knicks have hardly any cover for Chandler and could use any sort of help in the frontcourt, with Martin injured and Stoudemire limited. The Brooklyn Nets have only once center in Blatche, and the Hawks are currently using Paul Millsap as their starting big, with Horford out for the season and Pero Antic injured as well.

Camby doesn’t have a favorite – Thunder, Heat or Pacers, going after him. But if he wants to play a bit more of NBA basketball before the final curtain is drawn, one of these teams will have to do.

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