NBA Rumors – New York Knicks Considering Trading Iman Shumpert

Since returning from an injury that has kept him out from the first half of the NBA season, Iman Shumpert isn’t happy with the amount of minutes he’s getting and the position he’s playing in for the New York Knicks, possibly pushing for a trade just before the deadline expires.

The Knicks aren’t that keen on trading Shumpert. He is playing nine minutes less than last season, often used as a Small Forward, which according to those close to Shumpert, his “friends” and “advisers” is really hurting his confidence. He’s averaging 5.3 points and 3.4 rebounds per game while playing 19.2 minutes a night.

After the team did so well without him for about half the season, leading or staying close to the lead in the Eastern Conference, Shumpert, not exactly the world’s best player last season, can’t expect to be a major part in what has mostly worked very well so far. Even Amare Stoudemire, someone with a bit more on his resume to warrant him an upgrade in playing time and his stature in the current rotation is accepting whatever it is that Mike Woodson is selling, understanding it’s for the benefit of the Knicks at the moment.

While the Knicks aren’t likely to trade Shumpert, they are taking calls for the 22 year old, who was on the All-Rookie first team last season, impressing quite a few with his athleticism, effort and defense for the Knicks.

Both Mike Woodson and Carmelo Anthony have both made themselves heard regarding the Shumpert issue, voicing their support of the player. Woodson as even gone to say that Shumpert will not be traded, but the truth of the matter is that Shumpert, unlike quite a few players on the team that have played out of position this season, still isn’t happy with his position and playing time at the moment. The Suns, offering Jared Dudley, are rumored to be interested. It doesn’t seem likely to happen, but if Shumpert comes out and demands a trade in the next few days, his short and promising beginning to a career with the New York Knicks will come to a surprising end.

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