NBA Rumors – New York Knicks Interested in Derek Fisher as a Head Coach

Phil Jackson, Derek Fisher

No one knows if Derek Fisher of the Oklahoma City Thunder is going to retire or not at the end of this season, but that isn’t stopping the New York Knicks from showing a growing interest in him as a head coaching prospect. However, the Knicks aren’t in any rush to make a decision, while Fisher seems to be focusing on playing in the playoffs, trying to steer away from distractions.

Fisher is interested in coaching, but maybe not right now. Scott Brooks, his current head coach, has said he isn’t counting out Fisher staying on for another season after 18 years in the league. Fisher himself has asked for everyone that’s already pinning him to other jobs to patiently wait for the end of this one, when he’ll decide just how much he has left for basketball, or at least playing it.

Jackson was spurned by Steve Kerr who chose the Golden State Warriors instead. That isn’t stopping him from continuing to pursue former players or coaches who have worked with him. Rumors suggest that his personal favorite is Brian Shaw of the Denver Nuggets, but the only way for the Knicks to get him is via draft picks or cash. The Knicks don’t have a first round pick to offer until 2018, so it’s hard to see them getting Shaw out of the two years he has remaining on his deal.

Derek Fisher, Phil Jackson

There are other names being thrown out there, most of them regarding an assistant’s position – Luke Walton, Kurt Rambis, Bill Cartwright. The Knicks aren’t the most attractive of jobs, despite the presence of Phil Jackson, or possibly because of it.

The roster is problematic, and their best player might bolt during the offseason, or at least opt out of his current contract to get a huge deal. No draft picks, no cap space and from what we saw this season, this isn’t really a roster that has playoff written all over their foreheads. This means one season of knowing there won’t be any success before finally getting a chance to work with something different.

And maybe it’s Jackson himself, or Dolan, who is quickly becoming the Jerry Jones of the NBA only without the titles to show for it. Having such a big name hovering over your shoulder isn’t very easy, not to mention the rumors that will begin once things don’t go so well, and Jackson will be mentioned as a candidate to take over the role. The Knicks might be rich, but they’re not the most attractive of spots to land in.

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