NBA Rumors – Phoenix Suns Might Try to Sign Greg Monroe

Greg Monroe

The Detroit Pistons are having problems with their negotiations at the moment in their attempt to re-sign Greg Monroe, so the Phoenix Suns, with plenty of cap space and a young, talented team, might try to take advantage of the situation and sign him.

The Suns have their own Restricted free agency issues at the moment with Eric Bledsoe, who wants a maximum contract but has really just one very good season as his body of work except for a couple of backup years. Monroe has been a more meaningful part of the Pistons’ lack of success over the last few seasons, and is looking for a max deal as well.

The Suns are in a rare situation – they have the ability to sign both players to max deals. They were hoping they might convince LeBron James + either Chris Bosh or Carmelo Anthony to sign for them, but despite the potential, supporting cast and cap flexibility, no one took them seriously. But for players who aren’t superstars? It might become a bit more easier and realistic to expect them to succeed.

Both Bledsoe and Monroe are trying to push for the five-year, $90 million contract with the team they sign for. The Suns haven’t been pressured yet by anyone, but the Los Angeles Lakers are leering towards Bledose in what might eventually become a sign-and-trade deal. The Pistons have said they’ll match any offer for Monroe, but if the Suns offer him the maximum over the next four seasons, will they be matched?

The Suns have four power forwards at the moment, a position Monroe feels more comfortable in, averaging 15.2 points and 9.3 rebounds last season. The Pistons are also in a bind with Josh Smith, who excels at Power Forward and Stan Van Gundy is probably smart enough not to play him as a Small Forward for another season. Maybe they don’t want to give up on Monroe or Smith, but they’ll have to eventually.

Monroe is better than the Morris twins, Shavlik Randolph or Anthony Tolliver, but hurting their future cap flexibility for a player who isn’t worth the maximum extension is a tough decision to make. Maybe eventually the Suns will settle just for one player to ‘max’. Bledose is something of an injury risk, which might be the deciding factor for the Suns to actually make an offer to Monroe which will put the Pistons in a tough spot.

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