NBA Rumors – Sacramento Kings Closer to Hiring George Karl

George Karl

While some rumors suggest that the DeMarcus Cousins camp is against George Karl becoming the next head coach of the Sacramento Kings, it’s still looking more and more likely like this deal is going to get made.

Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Cousins camp, which means especially agent Dan Fegan, are trying to block this move. Why? Not quite clear. But Karl has already said he doesn’t want to be involved in personnel decisions. He’ll leave it to Pete D’Alessandro, who he worked with during the 2012-2013 season in Denver, setting a new franchise record for 57 wins before losing in the first round of the playoffs to the Golden State Warriors.

There really isn’t anyone better out there than Karl. While his record with the Nuggets in the postseason which included too many playoff exists casts a doubt about his ability to take a team to the championship, Karl got to the playoffs each season. He has won 59.9% of his games as a head coach, seems more than a little bit hungry to coach and has rarely missed the postseason in his almost 30 years of coaching in the league.

This season has been a weird one for the Kings. They might have been able to make the playoffs had Mike Malone not been fired and DeMarcus Cousins hadn’t missed a chunk of games that resulted in a losing streak that cost Malone his job. But he was always at odds with the ownership and management over his coaching style and preferred game tactics, focusing on strong defense and a slower pace of game. Karl fits the high scoring vision a lot more.

But what about Tyrone Corbin, who was promised he’ll be the head coach until the end of the season? Well, initially the Kings seemed focused on losing enough games so they won’t have to worry about their top 10 protected draft pick going to the Bulls, but they don’t want this season to be another embarrassment and start all over next season. Hiring Karl in the middle of the season can set the foundations for next year, because the playoffs aren’t waiting for them in 2015.

The other coaching option out there are the Orlando Magic. Karl is probably hungry to coach at either place, and some might say that the Magic’s young talent is a little bit more intriguing. However, Mike Malone might probably be a better fit in Orlando with the kind of athletes they have down there and his defensive ideas. He still hasn’t done too much as a head coach in this league, but everyone seems to be in agreement that gives the right players and confidence from the front office, he can do some special things. Karl, on the other hand, doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone; just say the right things on the interviews.

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