NBA Rumors – Sacramento Kings Won’t Trade DeMarcus Cousins

Everyone’s quite sure that with a new ownership, the Sacramento Kings are also going to be getting a new look in terms of personnel. One thing, however, won’t be changing, whoever the new GM is. DeMarcus Cousins is not going to be traded away.

The soon to be 23 year-old, entering his fourth NBA season, is probably the most talented young big man in the league, especially when it comes to his offensive abilities, scoring 17.1 points per game last season, adding 9.9 rebounds while shooting 46.5% from the field. Talent is there in huge amounts, but so is a very short fuse and a knack for overreacting and getting himself in trouble.

DeMarcus Cousins

New head coach Mike Malone is the one who is going to try and handle the hot-headed Cousins, who can be one of the three best big-men in the NBA the moment he gets over his childish problems that involve getting technical fouls or arguments with whoever is coaching him, always feeling and looking like a wronged individual.

The Kings are entering a new period, hopefully with an ownership group that doesn’t want to throw the team away after getting bored from it or disappointed with failure. The Kings had a very good period, not too long ago, that was also about playing excellent basketball a lot of people around the nation loved watching, even if they had no connection to the team.

Cousins is going to be in the center of all that, as the Kings take on another lottery pick, hoping that it can be another player who is going to impact the team immediately, but in a good way, while their favorable cap-space situation is going to help them draw a prominent free agent, with some mentioning Monta Ellis as a very strong possibility due to his ties with new head coach Mike Malone.

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