NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls-Milwaukee Bucks Michael Carter-Williams & Tony Snell Trade Doesn’t Make Sense

Update: The Bulls & Bucks have completed the trade, Tony Snell going to Milwaukee and Michael Carter-Williams to Chicago.

The Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks seem to be close to completing a trade that involved Tony Snell and Michael Carter-Williams, a move that might cover specific peripheral needs for both teams, but looks like something that only makes sense for one of the teams.

At the time of these words being typed out, the trade still hasn’t been completed. Both players weren’t on the floor for the Bulls vs Bucks preseason game (Chicago won 107-86), as it seems the two front offices are getting closer to completing a deal. The two players will probably benefit from switching teams because it opens up playing minutes for both of them, but as for the way it actually helps out the teams? Not so sure about that.


The Bulls do need another backup point guard, and Carter-Williams does fit the bill in terms of his official position, but since entering the NBA, he’s failed to really assert dominance at the position and as a playmaker, showing very questionable decision making skills, and not to mention something the Bulls really struggle with: outside shooting. Carter-Williams made just 27.3% of his 3-point shots last season, and is 25.5% from downtown through his four-year career.

The Bulls could use some more defense in the backcourt and overall more depth at PG on the bench, something Snell doesn’t give them considering the position (SG/SF) is kinda lacking in available minutes, but Carter-Williams isn’t exactly a perfect fit to what Fred Hoiberg would like to run on offense. However, considering the Bulls will be led by Jimmy Butler, Rajon Rondo and Dwayne Wade, the offensive vision of Hoiberg is probably something that won’t come to fruition anytime soon.

Snell on the Bucks makes more sense. They’ve already added Michael Beasley in hope of filling in for the missing points after Khris Middleton went down with an injury. Snell is a much better defender than Beasley, and overall fits the whole long on the perimeter scheme the Bucks have been trying to run since Jason Kidd became the head coach. And, he makes 3-point shots, hitting 36.1% of them last season, and over 35% of them for his career.

It looks like this trade is going to be completed at some point, with both players have their rookie extensions coming up. The Bucks are rumors to be interested in giving one to Snell, while the Bulls will probably wait & see on Carter-Williams, who is the least likely of the two to actually fit in well basketball-wise on the new team, when the trade actually happens.