NBA Scores & Standings

James Harden

Five NBA games on a Thursday night and plenty of action: Gary Harris beating the buzzer and the Oklahoma City Thunder, Bradley Beal having a huge fourth quarter to carry the Wall-less Wizards past the Toronto Raptors and Blake Griffin made his debut in Detroit, leading them to victory over the Memphis Grizzlies.

Memphis Grizzlies 102  Detroit Pistons 104: The Blake Griffin debut could have gone smoother, but it ended in a win in front a packed arena in Detroit, which doesn’t always happen. Griffin led five other players in double figures with 24 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists, looking rather in-tune with his new teammates. Marc Gasol led the Grizzlies with 19 points and 14 boards.

Toronto Raptors 119  Washington Wizards 122: In the best game of the night and what could be a terrific playoff showdown, it was Bradley Beal who stole the show, scoring 27 points in the fourth quarter (29 overall), in a way warming up his handle for the three-point contest. Eight Wizards players overall scored in double figures to make up for the absence of John Wall, including a 16-10 double double by Otto Porter Jr. Kyle Lowry scored 29 points, DeMar DeRozan had 23.

Milwaukee Bucks 89  Minnesota Timberwolves 108: An easy stroll for the Timberwolves, allowing them plenty of garbage time in the second half. Jimmy Butler was hot (8-for-15 from the field, 10-for-11 from the line) with 28 points, Karl-Anthony Towns helped out with 24, and that was enough to put away the struggling Bucks. Khris Middleton led the team with 21 points.

Houston Rockets 102  San Antonio Spurs 91: Not a good game for Chris Paul, and still the Rockets felt out of reach for the Spurs from the get go. James Harden put up 28 points and 11 assists, including five shots knocked down from beyond the arc. The Spurs aren’t in the best of places right now. They’ll get over it, but as long as Kawhi Leonard is out of the picture, it’s hard to see them making any sort of impact in the postseason.

Oklahoma City Thunder 124  Denver Nuggets 127: The Nuggets have lost a few games recently with shots that didn’t drop at the buzzer. This time, Gary Harris knocked down a 3-pointer at the buzzer to beat the Thunder, with Jamal Murray having a big, 33-point performance, leading Nikola Jokic (29, 13 boards, 14 dimes) and Harris’ 25. Paul George finished with a day-high 43 points and Russell Westbrook had 20 points along with 21 assists, but the defense just wasn’t there – not all game long, and especially not at the end.

Eastern Conference Standings

1Boston Celtics 3715.71252
2Toronto Raptors3416.6802.050
3Cleveland Cavaliers 3020.6006.050
4Miami Heat 2922.5697.551
5Washington Wizards2922.5697.551
6Indiana Pacers2923.5588.052
7Milwaukee Bucks2723.5409.050
8Philadelphia 76ers2424.50011.048
9Detroit Pistons2426.48012.050
10New York Knicks2329.44214.052
11Charlotte Hornets2129.42015.050
12Brooklyn Nets1933.36518.052
13Chicago Bulls1833.35318.551
14Orlando Magic1535.30021.050
15Atlanta Hawks1536.29421.551

Western Conference Standings

1Golden State Warriors 4011.78451
2Houston Rockets 3713.7402.550
3San Antonio Spurs3420.6307.554
4Minnesota Timberwolves 3322.6009.055
5Oklahoma City Thunder3022.57710.552
6Portland Trail Blazers2922.56911.051
7New Orleans Pelicans2723.54012.550
8Denver Nuggets2725.51913.552
9Los Angeles Clippers2525.50014.550
10Utah Jazz2228.44017.550
11Los Angeles Lakers1931.38020.550
12Memphis Grizzlies1833.35322.051
13Phoenix Suns1834.34622.552
14Sacramento Kings1634.32023.550
15Dallas Mavericks1636.30824.552
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