NBA Highlights – Kobe Bryant Makes the NBA a Funnier Place

Dirk Nowitzki game winner

So what stood out in the NBA night of Tuesday, January 27? Dirk Nowitzki hitting a game winning jumper and getting butt slapped by Kobe Bryant, or Bryant himself making a teammate get up so he can sit down. Or maybe Kristaps Porzingis with a grab-block on Russell Westbrook. Or maybe it’s Lucas Nogueira hitting his first career 3-pointer.

Dirk Nowitzki and the Recognition From Kobe Bryant

There’s no way to prove this, but I doubt if Kobe Bryant cares a single iota about wins this season. He’s not playing? He really doesn’t care whether the Los Angeles Lakers, still with nine wins, win or lose. He’s not here to mentor young players or prepare the team for the days after him. When he’s healthy, he’s about being in the spotlight and enjoy basketball for whatever is left of this season. When he’s on the bench? I don’t know what’s going through his mind. But he felt like he really needed to congratulate Dirk Nowitzki for hitting a game winning shot against his own team.

More Kobe Bryant, this time showing the young players you never take an old man’s seat

I’m pretty sure a lot of players on the Lakers can’t wait for the day Bryant is retired and away from this team. I’m pretty sure the guy Bryant told to get up so he can sit down feels it more strongly than anyone else at the moment.

Lance Stephenson talking to Paul George & George Hill

About what? Well, there are two theories. One is that Stephenson is talking about Blake Griffin punching a friend of his, who happens to be an equipment manager on the Clippers, in the face. Griffin broke his hand, is out for at least four weeks, and that’s before we throw in the suspension. Griffin might not play at all this regular season any more. The other theory? Stephenson really wants to get back together with the Pacers.

Kristaps Porzingis and the blocking of Russell Westbrook

Porzingis is an exciting player to watch. It seems that his potential really is off the charts, and he’s having the kind of rookie season no one expected from him. One of his most impressive traits is his shot blocking, with perfect timing on most of his attempts. One of them was a block-and-grab on Russell Westbrook, who never saw it coming.

Lucas Nogueira Hits his first career three-pointer

Pure fun, especially for Toronto Raptors fans, seeing their team sweep the Washington Wizards in the regular season series, something they experienced in the playoffs less than 12 months ago.

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