New England Patriots – Tom Brady Very Close to Preseason Perfection

Brady, Amendola

All those wishing the New England Patriots ill-will were probably very disappointed to see Tom Brady look as you’d expect one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the game, with all the talk of his possible injury getting thrown out the window.

Brady finished with 11-of-12 for 107 yards and a touchdown, including completing his first 11 passes as the Patriots beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 25-21 to go up 2-0 in the preseason, showing that the passing game, even without top wide receivers or tight ends, is in excellent hands with Brady calling the shots.

Danny Amendola caught the throw off of Brady in the first series, finishing the game with 71 yards on 6 receptions, looking quite ecstatic about playing next to Brady.

Tom’s like a coach out there on the field. He knows every intricacy of the offense. He helps young guys out a lot. He’s a leader. The best indication of Brady’s excellence, even in a meaningless game, was Greg Schiano saying that he thought the Bucs managed to disrupt some of the things Brady and the Patriots were trying to do, but even when taken away from his original plan, Brady is good enough to make them happen.

One of the problems last season for the Patriots was their pass rush. As much as their secondary was criticized for allowing big plays all season long, it also had to do with the defense not being able to put pressure on the quarterback. This time, it wasn’t just about stopping the run, which included Brandon Spikes steamrolling Doug Martin. Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich got sacks, and the Pats in general seemed very please with their running game and their ability to reach Freeman and the other quarterbacks, getting four sacks on the way.

While Tim Tebow isn’t going to be a big part of the Patriots offense if no injuries occur, but his passing continues to look embarrassing, finishing with 1-of-7 for -1 yards and an interception. At least he got things happening on the ground with 30 yards on six rushes, while Shane Vereen added 29 yards on 4 carries.

Tom Brady, Amendola, Vereen and Ridely are the issue, not Tebow, despite all of the focus he usually attracts. If everything goes well, and the defense doesn’t make it too easy for teams to eat up yards across the field in the passing game, despite the lack of their original tight ends of a star of a wide receiver, the Patriot’s offense is going to be just fine for yet another season, putting them on top of the AFC East.

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