Newcastle Jets Fans Have an Awesome Emile Heskey Chant

The arrival of Emile Heskey to the A-League in Australia and playing for the Newcastle Jets is weird news for some, but the amount of attention he’s been getting from media and fans in the land down under leads to even weirder news – Roy Hodgson considering calling him to the England squad.

Rumors like that should stay rumors, because a 34 year old striker who scored 9 goals in 92 matches during his four seasons with Aston Villa has no business playing for a national side such as England. He’s off to a good start in Australia, with 2 goals in three matches and more importantly, he seems to have quite a backing from Jets fans, who have a lovely little tune for the big man named You are Heskey’s Bitch, unveiled during their win of Sydney FC (with Alessandro Del Piero).

It’s good for Heseky to be in a supporting environment once again and possibly more importantly, a league where he can actually be a factor. No need in trying to prolong your career in places where you don’t belong. Heskey’s good enough for the A-League in Australia, to be a star striker for the Newcastle Jets, where he can contribute much more to the team and the league’s profile than he could while trying to still play in England.