Neymar Humiliates Diego Lugano & Scores Most Casual Long Range Lob Ever

Friendly matches are almost never a good indicator to the future chances of a player in a more competitive surrounding, but Neymar keeps adding things to his repertoire, like the most casual 45 meter lob you’ll ever see in the match between Messi & friends against Neymar & friends, not to mention adding a little bit of humiliation to Diego Lugano.

Is all this telling us he’s going to be a star in Europe? Well, his ability in the Confederations Cup is probably enough proof that Barcelona got themselves someone who isn’t going to shy away and hide next to Lionel Messi. It won’t be about the dribbles and tricks once he wears the Barcelona jersey, but mostly about his consistency, and how far Barcelona get in the Champions League and how high up they finish in the La Liga.

Neymar & Friends

As for the match itself, won by Messi’s side 8-5, Neymar was still the big star of it, even if Messi was on the same pitch. Neymar is made for these moments, although making Diego Lugano look like a too-old centre back wasn’t the nicest thing in the world, although it’s hard to let century old rivalries disappear just because of a friendly match.