2013 NFL Free Agency – Brent Grimes & Kevin Kolb Find New Homes

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a bad year or are carrying an injury or two. There just isn’t enough quality in the NFL to pass on guys like Kevin Kolb, who signed with the Buffalo Bills, or Brent Grimes, who got picked up by the Miami Dolphins, despite the warning signs flashing all over them.

For Kolb, it isn’t just the injuries that halted his career with the Arizona Cardinals. Maybe it’s about having a decent offensive line, but there’s a good chance he isn’t the kind of quarterback a team that wants to make the playoffs, and the Buffalo Bills, who haven’t been there since 1999, desperately want a QB that will take them there. Kolb started only 5 games last season for the Cardinals (3-2), completing 59.6% of his passes, throwing for 8 touchdowns and three interceptions.

The Bills got rid of Ryan Fitzpatrick after the Harvard grad couldn’t live up to “franchise-quarterback” expectations, showing inconsistency and terrible decision making next to his big arm and ability to make unbelievable throws when he woke up on his good side. Kolb signed a two-year deal worth a maximum of $13 million, hoping the 28 year old finds a consistent path to success on his third NFL team.

Brent Grimes had a little bit more teams after him, but he came with a warning label as well, missing almost all of last season due to an Achilles Tendon tear. He left the Atlanta Falcons after achieving Pro Bowl status with them, and the Dolphins, the busiest team in the NFL this off-season, figured taking a chance on him with a one-year contract worth $5.5 million. They’re hoping Grimes recovers the right way, and will do more than just fill in for the departing Sean Smith, but eclipse his ability.

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