NFL Week 6 Predictions & Preview

Three games standout among the crop offered to us by the NFL in week 6: An interesting NFC East clash between the Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles, the surprising Atlanta Falcons visiting the slightly under the radar Seattle Seahawks, and the streaking Dallas Cowboys facing a serious test by visiting the Green Bay Packers.

So here are our thoughts on the 15 games in week 6:

  • If the Broncos do a bad job of protecting either Paxton Lynch or Trevor Siemian against a scary looking Joey Bosa, even the unlucky Chargers might pick up a win against Denver
  • The return of Colin Kaepernick might improve the quarterback play of the 49ers, but it’s hard to believe their defense is going to stop the force of the Bills running offense
  • The Eagles are down from cloud nine against a good Redskins team. This game is more up to the Eagles making Carson Wentz avoid mistakes. If they can do it, they should have the edge
  • No matter who the Cleveland Browns play at quarterback or who they’re playing opposite of them: They’re underdogs. That includes the Tennessee Titans
  • The Ravens need to sort out their offense and quickly, or this season will soon look very familiar to the one they’re trying to put behind. The same goes for the Giants, who need to wake Eli Manning up from his current state
  • The Saints defense is probably not going to be a problem for Cam Newton. What is going to be a problem is the Panthers secondary. If Drew Brees has time to pry it open, the team going 15-1 last season will be at 1-5
  • The Bears’ offense is working pretty well with Brian Hoyer at quarterback. Against the Jacksonville Jaguars, disrupting Blake Bortles just a little bit could be enough for them to win game 2 of the season
  • You never know what you’re going to get from the Detroit Lions, but it’s probably going to be a close game. If the Rams avoid silly turnovers (especially Case Keenum), they probably have a good enough defense and running game to win this one
  • Unless the Miami Dolphins pulled a complete 180 over this week and it’s unlikely they have, the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to run all over them
  • The problem for the Cincinnati Bengals this season has been giving Andy Dalton time. They should face the same problems against the Patriots and the very angry Tom Brady
  • The Oakland Raiders are putting up huge numbers and allowing big numbers. Like in every game against the Kansas City Chiefs, going up by 10 points or more early almost guarantees a win
  • The Falcons playing in Seattle could be an explosion of points and touchdowns. If the Falcons can bother Russell Wilson a little bit, their running back combination of Freeman and Coleman could be enough to pull off another surprising win


  • The recipe for the Dallas Cowboys remains simple: Keep things short and simple for Dak Prescott, run the ball efficiently, control the clock, and not break defensively. Aaron Rodgers, surprisingly, might not be good enough to break this defense
  • The Colts need to keep things going in two ways: Let Andrew Luck throw the ball and control the offense, while going after Brock Osweiler with everything they have. The Texans are fragile
  • Who knew a Jets vs Cardinals game in week 6 will mean a combined 3 wins for the teams? Ryan Fitzpatrick looks terrible, and the Jets frontline doesn’t scare as it should be. The Cardinals are fine as long as David Johnson gets his yards
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