14 Best Memes of Dak Prescott & the Dallas Cowboys Beating Kirk Cousins & the Washington Redskins


The Dallas Cowboys finally have the memes on their side, which isn’t surprising considering Dak Prescott ended up winning his first game as an NFL quarterback, and against the Washington Redskins, with a disappointing Kirk Cousins nonetheless.

Cousins provided the crucial interception with his team trying to win the game, and suddenly, the Redskins seem pretty smart by not giving him a long term deal in the offseason. This looks nothing like the team that went 9-7 to win the division and make the playoffs. If a loss to the Steelers is understandable, losing to the Cowboys puts a lot of pressure on the Redskins and their quarterback.

Obviously, the big joke, from now until forever, will be the “You Like That” catchphrase Cousins unleashed upon the world. Well, now it’s turned against him, like in every loss, and with a name like Dak for the winning quarterback, it’s even a better fit.

For one week, the meme-verse doesn’t explode. Laughing at the Redskins just doesn’t excite people as much as it does when the Cowboys are at the wrong end of a joke. And if the Cowboys aren’t a bad team at all, even if Prescott is still making a lot of expected rookie mistakes? Well, that still remains to be seen, but that’s definitely a possibility. Maybe an even more likely one than the Redskins turning the season around.

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