9 Best Memes of the Dallas Cowboys Destroying the Washington Redskins

The Dallas Cowboys extending their dominance in their rivalry with the Washington Redskins wasn’t surprising, but it was certainly enough to produce plenty of memes, especially the Crying Jordan type.

For once, the Cowboys’ defense stepped up, holding the Redskins to just 49 rushing yards, and not letting Washington’s quick 10 points get to them. Dallas held Cousins and co. to only 9 points after the first quarter, while a combination of giving the ball again and again to Ezekiel Elliott while Mike Nugent was efficient from almost every range gave the Cowboys a comfortable win.

And thus the momentum swing of the NFC East continues. The Philadelphia Eagles are beating everyone, the New York Giants suck, while the Cowboys and Redskins trade places, one jumping to 4-3 and the other falling to 3-4.

Last year’s Thanksgiving game was a momentum changer in terms of ratings for the NFL. They’re hoping it happens this year again, although by the time the two teams meet again, one of them might already be out of the playoffs picture.

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