10 Best Memes of Nick Foles & the Eagles Beating Matt Ryan & the Atlanta Falcons

Falcons Logo Crying Jordan

A year has gone by, and the Atlanta Falcons have found a new way to disappoint in the playoffs, and obviously find the meme makers come after them.

Despite playing against a Philadelphia Eagles team that’s starting a backup quarterback, Matt Ryan and co. couldn’t get the job done. Weird play calling and outright poor execution led to an early playoff exit and another year of pondering what could they have done better, in the game and in the season.

Meanwhile, the Eagles suddenly have renewed hope that they can go all the way even without Carson Wentz. Nick Foles isn’t anyone’s dream QB, but he got the job done in a tough spot, and that carries with it a lot of credit and respect he once had in Philly, at least for a short time.

The window for a championship run might be closing for the Falcons, at least with the current crew assembled around Matt Ryan. Julio Jones isn’t going to be elite forever, and it’ll be too expensive to hold Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman together. They got as close as it gets a year ago and blew it. This year, it felt, in hindsight, like a pale comparison.

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