Best Memes of Carson Wentz & the Eagles Beating Jay Cutler & the Bears


With another set of memes making fun of Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears, this time after a home loss to the Philadelphia Eagles and rookie quarterback Carson Wentz, it might be the time for the team to start thinking long and hard about a new QB.

Cutler didn’t even finish the game, leaving with a finger injury, Brian Hoyer coming in for him. The Bears kick off the new season with 2 losses, and looking bad on offense despite a lot of talent around Cutler. They lost their offensive coordinator in the offseason which never helps, but not making the playoffs since 2010 combined with recent years and this start should tell John Fox where all this is headed.

The Eagles couldn’t be happier. They made a quick and complete overhaul during the offseason which seems to be working out. Their wins didn’t come against the best of teams, but Wentz is exceeding expectations, not trying to do too much, and looking as confident as you expect a much more experienced quarterback to be.

Playing at home hasn’t been kind to the Bears in recent years, and this loss, which is labeled as an especially embarrassing one, won’t make things easier. Maybe this team still has a way out of this mess but considering their division rivals and the overall situation, things will probably get worse before they get better.

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