16 Best Memes of the NFL Wild Card Playoff Weekend

Mariota vs Odell

The NFL wild card playoff weekend might have been filled with mediocre football, but it gave us plenty of hilarious memes.

Not surprising, considering the Kansas City Chiefs, who midway through the season looked like the best team in the NFL, found another way, courtesy of Andy Reid’s decision making, to choke away a playoff game. The Chiefs have been good to very good since Reid arrive in Kansas City and gave Alex Smith the keys, but they have almost no playoff success to show for it.

Teams not used to the playoffs like the Los Angeles Rams and Buffalo Bills disappeared as well. The Bills looked like they stumbled into the playoffs (they pretty much did) by mistake, even when they were facing a bad Blake Bortles and Jacksonville Jaguars offense. The Jags defense is terrific, but there’s only so far they’ll be able to carry an awful offense.

The Saints and Panthers provided the best game of the weekend, which isn’t surprising. However, Cam Newton was once again allowed to play through a very flimsy concussion protocol, which makes you wonder what will be left of the young man once he finishes playing football. Drew Brees stopped playing hand off, and showed he still has it when Sean Payton feels like calling pass plays for him.

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