NFL Playoffs – New England Patriots Can’t Escape Deflated Balls Scandal


Instead of having a clean slate and time to focus on the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots are still hounded by the media about the never ending deflated balls scandal, with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick delivering performances that are either a perfect example of just how hollow this whole investigation seems to be, or possibly doing an excellent job of acting innocent and coy while knowing fully well they’ve simply been caught.

The NFL has no new news to tell us. They’ve found that 11 of the 12 designated balls for the Patriots offense in the AFC Championship game were deflated below regulations. Why? Who? What? How? Where? No answer, but they’re still investigating. After the summer we had with Ray Rice, Roger Goodell and the investigatory power of his minions doesn’t exactly get a lot of confidence or credit from those who actually care about the truth.

But what is the truth? Did someone on the Patriots sideline “doctor” the balls? Did it happen with a direct instruction from Bill Belichick? His knowing? Is it something that Tom Brady himself had a hand in? It actually makes sense after listening all week to stories about Aaron Rodgers liking his to be extra strong and full of air, or Brad Johnson telling stories from the Super Bowl about paying someone $7500 so the balls he throws were just right.

Bill Belichick “took the stand” first. He took the Marshawn Lynch-Russell Westbrook approach. He said the same thing over and over again (I have no explanation, I’ve said everything I know). He did however mention Tom Brady as someone who might have an answer. Throwing his quarterback under the bus, or simply trying to make what he feels is an idiotic line of questioning end? Tom Brady came after him to talk.

The Brady segment was more fun. Brady was hiding his head, and it was hard to tell if he was answering the questions seriously or trying to have a bit of fun with the whole situation. Those trying to put the Patriots under a negative shade of light have already succeeding in their work. Everything anyone from the franchise says about this whole scandal gives some of us (a big part of us) the hint that he’s lying about something. Hiding something.

We have ourselves a very weird cycle, which is hard to decipher: Are we still talking about the deflated balls because it is so important and it feels like there was wrongdoing on behalf of a team and head coach that have been caught cheating in the past? Or is it simply ESPN (at the vanguard) and other media outlets keeping this thing alive because the first week of the two leading up to the Super Bowl is always a bit lacking in story power?

The Tom Brady and Bill Belichick press conferences didn’t change anyone’s mind. Those who feel the New England Patriots are ‘natural born cheaters’ felt like this continues to be a huge cover up the NFL has still been unable to pull the mask from. They still haven’t questioned Tom Brady about the balls?!!! If you think this is just something getting completely blown out of proportion by sensationalist media and the “haters”, whoever they may be, than the on-stage performances from Brady and Belichick were exactly what they seem to be on the surface: Two men who have no idea why they’re being asked so many questions about balls.

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