NFL Playoffs – New England Patriots Possibly Victims of League Cover Up

NFL Cover Up

The whole deflated balls scandal began with a reporter from Indianapolis shedding some light on the subject. The New England Patriots have their own set of supporters within the media who can do the same, and possibly revealing what actually happened before the game that caused the air pressure in the debated balls to drop.

98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Toucher and Rich Show” isn’t exactly objective, but who is these days? According to their side of the story, the officials actually approved the under inflated balls the Patriots handed to them with head referee Walt Anderson signing off on them. The show suggested that a pressure gauge wasn’t even used to measure the PSI, which is now part of the vocabulary of every NFL head coach.

So the Patriots did nothing wrong? Maybe. It might be true even without this new alleged piece of evidence. But if the refs did sign off on the under-inflated balls right from the start, it might mean this whole NFL “hunt for the truth” and the media keeping the Patriots’ wrongdoings in the spotlight might just one big cover up to hide the fact that the officials are the cause of all of this.

Right now there’s no evidence that we know of suggesting the Patriots did anything wrong. There are only hints, and maybe circumstantial evidence at best. However, Aaron Hernandez seems to be on his way to prison based on circumstantial evidence. Don’t underestimate the long chain of coincidences. They don’t happen all that often all at once.

So what now? Waiting. The biggest game in the NFL season is coming and it seems the mania over air pressure, PSI’s and weird Belichick news conferences is waning. Still, we’re actually waiting for some answers. After hyping up so much about a potential scandal and punishment, it’s going to be awful disappointing if the truth turns out be a few incompetent and negligent referees.

After all, what is the NFL going to do to itself? Not a lot. Roger Goodell is excellent at dishing out punishment, but very bad at holding himself and his organization accountable.

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